The Olt County Museum
Located in the city of Slatina, the Olt County Museum is a great place to learn about the history and culture of the region. The museum houses a variety of artifacts and exhibits, including archaeological finds, folk costumes, and traditional crafts.
Caracal Zoo
If you're traveling with kids, the Caracal Zoo is a must-visit destination. Home to a variety of animals from around the world, including lions, tigers, and zebras, the zoo offers a fun and educational experience for visitors of all ages.



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Geography and Tourist Attractions

Information about the province's tourist attractions, including popular destinations, events, and activities.

Cozia Monastery

Cozia Monastery is a medieval Orthodox monastery located in the Olt County, Romania. Founded in the 14th century by the Wallachian prince Mircea the Elder, it is known for its beautiful frescoes, architecture, and historical significance. The monastery is a popular tourist destination and a major pilgrimage site for Romanian Orthodox believers.

Turnu Monastery

Turnu Monastery is a medieval monastery located in Romania, near the town of Campulung. Founded in the 14th century, it is known for its impressive frescoes and unique architectural style, combining elements of both Byzantine and Gothic styles. It is also home to a valuable collection of historical and religious artifacts.

The Olt River Gorge

The Olt River Gorge is a stunning natural wonder located in Romania. It is characterized by steep cliffs and rocky terrain, with the Olt River flowing through the bottom of the gorge. The area is rich in biodiversity, with many species of plants and animals thriving in the unique ecosystem.


Economy and Government

Olt is a county located in the southern part of Romania, and its economy is mainly based on agriculture and industry. The county is known for its fertile soil and favorable climate, which allow for the production of crops such as wheat, corn, sunflowers, and grapes. Livestock farming is also an important activity, particularly for sheep and pigs.

In addition to agriculture, Olt County has a well-developed industrial sector, with a focus on manufacturing. The most important industries in the county include metallurgy, chemical production, textiles, and food processing. There are also some small-scale enterprises that produce handicrafts and traditional products.

The county's government is led by a Prefect, who is appointed by the central government and serves as the representative of the Romanian President in the region. The Prefect is responsible for coordinating the work of the county's various administrative bodies, including the County Council and the Local Councils of the municipalities within the county.

The County Council is the main decision-making body in Olt County, responsible for managing local budgets, setting development priorities, and implementing regional development programs. The Council is composed of 33 elected representatives, who are chosen through a direct vote by the county's residents.

Overall, Olt County's economy and government are closely linked, with the county's administrative bodies playing an important role in promoting economic growth and development in the region.


History and Culture

Județul Olt has a rich history and culture, influenced by its strategic location on the banks of the Olt River, which has facilitated trade and cultural exchange for centuries.

The area that is now Județul Olt has been inhabited since ancient times, with evidence of human presence dating back to the Neolithic period. The region was part of the Roman Empire, and several archaeological sites from this period have been discovered in the county.

During the Middle Ages, the region was part of the Wallachian Principality, and later became part of the Ottoman Empire. In the 19th century, Județul Olt was incorporated into the newly formed Romanian state.

Județul Olt has a rich cultural heritage, with a mix of Romanian, Ottoman, and other influences. The region is known for its traditional costumes, which feature colorful embroidery and intricate patterns. Traditional music and dance are also an important part of the local culture, with several folk festivals held throughout the year.

The county is home to several historic landmarks, including the Cozia Monastery, which was founded in the 14th century and is considered one of the most important religious sites in Romania. Other notable landmarks include the Cârcea Monastery, the Turnu Monastery, and the Bistrița Monastery.


Hotel Parc

Located in the city of Slatina, Hotel Parc is a 4-star hotel that offers comfortable rooms, a restaurant, bar, and a fitness center. It's a great choice for business travelers or those looking for a luxurious stay.

Hotel Regina

Situated in the city of Caracal, Hotel Regina is a modern 3-star hotel that features cozy rooms, a restaurant, and a bar. The hotel is well-known for its warm and friendly staff, who make guests feel at home.

Hotel Tudor

Nestled in the heart of the city of Corabia, Hotel Tudor is a budget-friendly option for travelers. The hotel features basic but comfortable rooms, a restaurant, and a bar. Its central location makes it a great choice for exploring the surrounding area.


Restaurant Casa Veche

This restaurant is located in the city of Slatina and is known for its traditional Romanian cuisine. The menu includes dishes such as sarmale (stuffed cabbage rolls), mici (grilled minced meat rolls), and ciorba de burta (tripe soup). The restaurant has a cozy, rustic interior and outdoor seating.

Restaurant Belvedere

This restaurant is located in the city of Caracal and offers a mix of Romanian and international cuisine. The menu includes dishes such as pizza, pasta, grilled meats, and salads. The restaurant has a modern interior and a terrace with a panoramic view of the city.

Restaurant Bistro Bonjour

This restaurant is located in the city of Piatra Olt and serves a variety of dishes, including traditional Romanian cuisine, Italian pasta dishes, and grilled meats. The restaurant has a modern interior and outdoor seating. It is known for its friendly service and reasonable prices.
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