Tiganesti Lake
A popular fishing spot, Tiganesti Lake is known for its crystal-clear waters and tranquil surroundings, making it an ideal place to relax and unwind.
The county seat of Teleorman, Alexandria is a charming town that is home to several historical landmarks, including the St. Nicholas Church and the Teleorman County Museum.


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Danube River

The Danube River is the second-longest river in Europe, stretching over 2,850 km through 10 countries, including Romania. The river is a vital natural resource, providing water for irrigation, hydroelectric power, and transportation. The Romanian section of the Danube River is a popular tourist destination, offering visitors the opportunity to enjoy scenic boat rides, fishing, and other water sports.

Islaz Monastery

The Islaz Monastery is a historical landmark located in the village of Islaz in the Teleorman region of Romania. Built in the 18th century, the monastery played a crucial role in the 1848 Revolution, which led to the independence of Romania from the Ottoman Empire. Today, it is one of the most important pilgrimage sites in the country.

Vacaresti Natural Park

Vacaresti Natural Park is a wetland area located in the city of Alexandria, Romania. The park is a unique urban ecosystem that has developed in an abandoned dam and is now home to a variety of wildlife. Visitors can enjoy walking and biking trails, picnic areas, and a fishing pond in this tranquil and peaceful environment.


Economy and Government

Teleorman is a county located in southern Romania, with a population of approximately 360,000 people. The region has historically relied on agriculture as its primary economic activity, with crops such as wheat, corn, and sunflowers being among the most commonly grown. In recent years, however, there has been a push towards diversifying the region's economy through increased industrialization and the development of small and medium-sized businesses.

The government plays a significant role in the economic development of the region, with initiatives such as tax breaks and subsidies being offered to encourage investment in Teleorman. The county has also benefited from EU funding for various projects, including the construction of new infrastructure and the development of the local tourism industry.

Despite these efforts, Teleorman continues to face economic challenges, including high unemployment rates and a significant wealth gap between urban and rural areas. The government has attempted to address these issues through job training programs and support for small businesses, but much work remains to be done to ensure long-term economic growth and stability in the region.


History and Culture

Teleorman, a county located in southern Romania, has a rich history and vibrant culture. The area has been inhabited since ancient times, with evidence of human settlement dating back to the Neolithic period. The region has been influenced by various civilizations throughout its history, including the Romans, Byzantines, and Ottoman Turks.

The county is home to many historical landmarks and attractions, including the ruins of the medieval fortress of Turnu Magurele, which played a strategic role in the wars between the Ottoman Empire and the Kingdom of Hungary. The town of Alexandria is also a popular tourist destination, known for its beautiful architecture and rich cultural heritage.

In terms of culture, Teleorman is famous for its traditional folklore, music, and dance. The area is home to many skilled artisans who produce handmade crafts such as pottery, woodcarvings, and textiles. The county also hosts various festivals throughout the year, including the "Teleorman Days" festival, which showcases the region's rich cultural heritage and traditions.

Overall, Teleorman is a region with a fascinating history and vibrant cultural scene. Visitors to the area are sure to be captivated by its many historical landmarks and unique cultural offerings.


Hotel Flormang

Located in Alexandria, this modern hotel offers comfortable rooms, an on-site restaurant, and excellent amenities, including a fitness center and a spa.

Hotel President

Situated in Turnu Magurele, this elegant hotel features stylish rooms, a gourmet restaurant, and a terrace with panoramic views of the city.

Hotel Ferdinand

Located in the city of Videle, this hotel offers spacious and comfortable rooms, a restaurant serving traditional Romanian cuisine, and a range of amenities, including a fitness center and a sauna.


La Castel

Located in Alexandria, this restaurant offers traditional Romanian cuisine in an elegant and cozy setting. The menu includes a range of dishes made with locally sourced ingredients.

Restaurant Sinaia

Situated in Turnu Magurele, this restaurant serves delicious Romanian and European dishes, including vegetarian options. The restaurant has a relaxing atmosphere and a pleasant outdoor terrace.

Terasa Cu Pesti

Located in Videle, this seafood restaurant offers a range of dishes made with fresh fish and seafood. The restaurant has a beautiful outdoor terrace overlooking a lake and is a great place to enjoy a meal with friends or family.
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